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Amicus are on the move, follow our journey here..


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Are you moving over the next 6, 12, 18 months?
Does your company want to apply ABW (Activity Based Working) to your workplace, but not sure how to?
Amicus over the next 6 weeks have a series of blogs, infographics and downloads that will be pivotal to your next move.

Here is a snippet of the next 6 weeks content:

Blog: Lessons & Learning - Why are Amicus moving office again?
Blog: Costs and Efficiency of an ABW fitout
Friday CEO Column: The journey through the eyes of Amicus CEO, Andrew Holder.
Checklist: Points to consider before you move.
Downloads: Moving Checklist.
Blog: The Design and Build Process.
Blog: How to apply ABW to your company.
Infographic: Road map to an ABW fitout.
Whitepaper: Change your mindset, Change your workplace.
Design of our new ABW fitout with Fly through / 3D Image.
View from inside - Staff talk about the process and change management.
Blog: Workplace Wellness in Amicus
Blog: Amicus - The way we make you feel.
Blog: How we got it right after 10 years.

And plenty more....

Keep an eye out on our social media channels over the next 6 weeks, for all these blogs & downloads for FREE.


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